Appraisal Services That Put You First

At MVS, we know that quality appraisal management and customer service go hand in hand. That’s why our clients each have a dedicated account manager and access to status updates around the clock. As a full-service appraisal management company, our team is committed to streamlining the process to deliver first-rate service, fast turn times and market-driven solutions directly to you.

Process Management

We provide hands-on support through the entire process, overseeing all administrative responsibilities to ensure that tasks are met on time to meet your goals.

compliance & Liability Protection

We stay up to date on compliance requirements and adhere to strict protocols regarding data security, transmission and storage to ensure meet all federally mandated regulations. We leverage cutting-edge technology, liability protection and decades of experience in the field to serve our clients.

Dispute resolution

We recognize that finding resolution can be a challenge, and work to manage the process as quickly and efficiently as possible to protect your interests.

vendor management

We know that keeping track of licensing requirements, insurance verifications and geographic intricacies is a full-time job in itself. That’s why we are here to do it for you.

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